Whole9 Nutrition Workshop


We’re collaborating with NYC Endurance to bring the Whole9 folk down on Sunday, April 25th for an afternoon packed with great nutrition information and discussion!

Join Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban, founders of Whole9, for a practical, straightforward, interactive discussion on the importance of nutrition in endurance training and on the role nutrition plays in your overall health and fitness.

When: Sunday, April 25th 2010. 2-5pm
Where: The Brooklyn Barbell Club, 221 N 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

In this three hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How certain food groups are negatively impacting how you look, feel and perform, even if you don’t immediately notice their effects
  • What you should be eating to look, feel and perform your best – and why you don’t really need to weigh and measure all your food to achieve excellent fitness levels
  • How to break unhealthy patterns, habits and cravings related to food, and change the way you eat for the rest of your life in a healthy, balanced, satisfying and sustainable manner
  • How to make food work for you by speeding up the healing process – and how poor food choices contribute to keeping you sick, weak and injured
  • How to manage healthy eating under any circumstance – while traveling, at home with the family, during social events or in a business setting.
  • The best way to incorporate “cheats” into your diet, enjoying the foods you really want without compromising your overall health and fitness goals
  • What we as endurance athletes should be eating as part of our training and on race day

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