Park Class Info
  • Each class will be capped and you must reserve your spot through Wodify.
  • Reservations will open 24 hours in advance: please only reserve if you really think you can make it to class, and cancel your reservation ASAP if you can’t make it so that someone else can attend.
  • We will provide equipment EXCEPT if you would like a yoga mat for burpees / push-ups / other movements that require close contact with the ground, please bring your own. We strongly recommend that it be a color other than black, because black gets very, very hot in the sun. You are also welcome to bring your own jump rope, if you have a fancy one that you particularly like.
  • Park classes meet inside McCarren Park track closest to the entrance at the corner of Bayard Street and Lorimer Street
  • Sidewalk classes meet outside the gym: 98 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.
  • You must wear a mask to class, and keep it on at all times you are within 6ft of the coach or other athletes. We ask that you follow this protocol for the comfort of your coaches and fellow athletes, some of whom are living with older relatives and other high risk individuals.
  • In case of thunderstorms or heavy rain, we may relocate inside the gym. Masks are required at all times for training inside the gym.
  • Please let us know if you’re having trouble getting a spot in class, we will be frequently reevaluating the schedule to make sure everyone can attend class.
YouTube Class Info
  • We will continue to provide a recorded YouTube version of class daily by 10:30am for those of you who can’t make it to our outdoor classes.

  • For most YouTube classes you will need your own weight (single dumbbell, kettlebell, or backpack of books), and enough room to lie down with arms and legs splayed out.
  • Visit our YouTube channel to view classes.