House Rules

  • Be early. If you’re not early, you’re late. Give yourself enough time to sign in, change, and warm-up before class starts. Those of you with smaller bladders may also want to reserve some time for a bathroom trip. Most likely that means showing up 5-10 minutes prior to class.
  • Check your ego at the door. Somewhere a high school kid is warming up with your PR.
  • Clean up. Put away your toys. Clean up your sweat, blood and puke. We wish we didn’t have to say this, but don’t spit on our floor. Ever. Don’t chew gum, and really don’t spit gum on our floor. Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles and sweaty clothes. Pack it in, pack it out, as they say. Put away all the equipment you used back where it belongs. Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars in the racks, stack the plates in order, hang up your jump ropes.
  • Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Don’t take it on a field trip around the gym, don’t use it to write on the floor. While we’re on the subject, don’t write on anything except pen-on-paper. This includes not writing on the walls with dry-erase or the bathroom mirrors with lipstick. We wish these things were self-evident, but apparently they are not.
  • Respect our equipment. Drop as a last resort. Put things down gently. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. Bumpers, especially 10 and 15lb bumpers, are designed for emergency dropping, not dropping every rep of Fran. ALWAYS keep your weight under control. NEVER drop an empty barbell, a kettlebell or dumbbell unless your physical safety is imminently endangered. Our equipment was expensive, and the more we have to replace it, the more we’re going to have to charge you.
  • Bring things to our attention. If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, there’s no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can do something about it.
  • Try hard. Effort earns respect. Work hard. Don’t drag people down with a bad attitude. Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and those around you to do better.
  • Push your limits. The only way to get stronger is to increase the load. Strive to go a little heavier and a little faster every class, but always maintain good, safe form. Never say, “I can’t.” When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.
  • Don’t cheat. No one cares what your score was. Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself. You know what full range of motion is, so there’s no excuse for shoddy reps. If someone calls you out for doing something wrong, listen to them. The person standing around watching you work out has a much better perspective on what you’re doing than you do. They’re breathing gently and probably experiencing a restful glow and a sub-60 heart rate. You’re halfway through Fran. You’re biased, trust us.
  • Learn how to count. If you lose count, the next number is always 1. If you know you have trouble keeping count, ask someone to count for you. If you want to get on a leaderboard, you MUST have someone count for you. If no one saw it, it didn’t happen.
  • Come to class. For newbies, make sure you’re staying consistent. For old hands, don’t start thinking that it’s okay to just do your own thing whenever you want to. There’s a myriad of reasons we have class — for starters, you’re less likely to bias yourself towards the things you’re good at; you’ll get some competition; and no matter how experienced you are, you still need coaching and you can still stand to work on the basics.
  • Take ownership. Be responsible and respectful and take pride in your gym. Don’t let others get away with things that are bad for them or bad for the gym. Remind people to take their clothes with them and pick up their water bottles. If you see someone doing something that you’re pretty sure will hurt them, tell them to cut it out. We don’t care who it is — if Sam is deadlifting with a rounded back, you can call her out! Safety first!

Dogs, Kids, and Bikes

We love your dogs, and kids, and bikes! To keep everyone safe, to keep the gym clean, and to make sure there’s enough space to workout though, we ask that if you have a dog, or a kid, or a bike, you review these policies.


  • Please be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is a dog person, and many people are allergic to dog hair/saliva/etc.
  • Dogs that bark, whine, jump, or bite are never allowed at the gym.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at the front of the gym (in front of the first rig) at all times. If the weather is nice, please tie them to a kettlebell right in the doorway or outside.
  • If it’s a bad weather day, please bring your dog only if absolutely necessary (as inside space is at a particular premium when it’s not nice outside, and we don’t want a barbell falling onto your dog.)
  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove a disruptive dog, even in the middle of your workout.
  • If your dog poops or throws up on the floor, you must immediately do a complete clean up with a product containing bleach (we stock Clorox Clean-Up.)


  • Babies in strollers are welcome to accompany a parent to class.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your baby doesn’t disrupt class, even in the middle of your workout.
  • You are responsible for making sure your stroller is parked in a safe and secure location: please ensure that there is PLENTY of space between your stroller and anyone who is working out with weights (including you!)


  • You can bring your child to the gym, but to minimize disruption and potential safety hazards we ask that you only bring kids if absolutely necessary.
  • Out-of-stroller kids must be at least 5 years old to accompany a parent to the gym.
  • If there are more than 12 athletes in the gym, kids must sit off the gym floor and not play with any gym equipment.
  • If there are less than 12 athletes in the gym, kids may stay with their parent.
  • Kids must not play with any equipment unless their parent has signed an under-18 waiver for them.
  • Kids must not get in the way of group class.
  • You are responsible for making sure your kid is staying safe and out of the way, even in the middle of your workout.
  • Coaches and front desk staff are not responsible for your children.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to take your child home if we deem it necessary.


  • We love bikes, but they are not allowed inside the gym. We have a large bike rack right outside. If your bike is too fancy to lock up outside, please get here another way (there’s a very convenient Citibike rack right across the street!)
  • Scooters and skateboards are allowed and should be left in the locker room with other belongings.

Membership Policies


Reservations / Checking In 

You must reserve a spot in class AND check into your class via your phone app when you arrive. Reservations open 24 hours in advance of each class.    

Late Cancellation

Reservations cancelled less than an hour prior to class will count against your membership, as it’s unlikely that someone else will be able to use that spot with such little advance notice.


We ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your class start time to ensure that we can begin promptly. For safety reasons (as you may have missed critical parts of the warm-up and/or workout briefing) if you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed into class.


Late Cancellation 

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If a confirmed appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the session.  To reschedule an appointment with more than 24-hours notice, please contact your coach directly. 


We ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your session start time to ensure that we can begin promptly. Should you be running late, your coach will do their best to provide you with as much training as possible in the remaining time, but will not run over the originally scheduled end time. 


Supplemental Training

You may engage in supplemental warm-up, skill practice and/or mobility in the 20 minutes before or after any class or private session subject to the following conditions:

  • The gym must be open (e.g. there is no supplemental training time prior to 6am or following 7:30pm class.)
  • Supplemental training is a complement to, not a replacement for, class/private session attendance.
  • Supplemental training may not interfere in any way with any class or private training session: it must not be in the way of class or private training, and class and private training have priority use of all equipment.
  • A coach may veto supplemental training at any time.

For safety reasons, and because we do not believe that this is a good approach to training, barbell weightlifting and WODs may not be completed during this time.

Upgrades / Downgrades

You can upgrade your membership at any time; e-mail [email protected] and we will pro-rate the remainder of the month.

You can downgrade your membership at the end of any membership month; e-mail [email protected] and we will set up the downgraded membership for your next renewal date.


Request a membership hold.

  • End-of-membership-month holds are always allowed, and you can resume your membership any time.
  • Mid-membership-month (MMM) holds are only granted in the case of serious illness or injury.

We’re a small admin team, so to ensure you won’t be charged while you’re meant to be on hold, please make sure to submit your hold request at least 5 business days prior to your hold start date.

Please be patient and don’t submit multiple hold requests.

Should you submit a hold request 1-5 business days prior to your hold start date, you may be charged but we will refund your payment once your hold has been processed.

There are no retroactive holds: you must let us know in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold.

A start and end date are required for every hold.

Upon expiration of any hold, the member’s account will automatically become active, and payments will resume.

The maximum MMM hold period is 3 months; the end date can be adjusted earlier if you’re ready to return, or later up to the maximum 3 months.

If 3 months of MMM hold is reached, the membership must either be reactivated, or it will be dropped and any remaining credit will be forfeited. If we do not hear from you regarding what you would like to do with your membership, it will be dropped and any remaining credit will be forfeited.


Request a membership cancellation.

All cancellation requests must be submitted via the link above before the membership renewal or monthly contract membership billing date. Retroactive cancellations are not permitted.

We’re not your typical gym and we’re happy to cancel your membership if you won’t be able to use it. BUT we’re a small admin team, so to ensure you won’t be charged, please make sure to submit your cancellation request at least 5 business days prior to your renewal date.

Please be patient and don’t submit multiple cancellation requests.

Should you submit a cancellation request 1-5 business days prior to your renewal date, you may be charged but we will refund your payment once your cancellation has been processed.

Month-to-month memberships may be cancelled upon expiration of their term (e.g. after the month is up) with no penalty.

Contract memberships may be cancelled for any reason on a billing date (i.e. monthly) for the fee of the discount you received for signing the contract (e.g. if you use 2 months of a 3-month contract, you’ll be able to break it for $40 — the 2x$20 you saved by signing the contract.)

Billing, Auto-Renewal & Expiration Dates

Monthly membership renew on the same day of the month as your sign-up date (i.e. if you sign up on the 11th, you’ll be billed each month on the 11th.)

For memberships where this is relevant, the week is Monday-Sunday.

All memberships will auto-renew unless you cancel according to the cancellation policy.

Failure to attend class does not relieve you of the obligation to pay for your membership.

Past Due Payments / What Happens If Your Card Doesn’t Go Through

We understand that cards are often lost or stolen or expire, and a charge will sometimes be declined. We ask that in this case, you provide us with updated billing information in a timely manner, which we define as within two weeks. Should your requested payment method fail, and should you fail to specify a replacement method within two weeks, we reserve the right to charge any other payment method for you that we have on file.

Payments more than two weeks past due will be subject to a $20 administrative fee.

Should payment be made more than two weeks late 3 or more times, we will send the official CrossFit Virtuosity Dick Puncher to hunt you down. And also if you have a contract membership, you will have to pay the balance of the contract up front in order to continue.