Wednesday March 30th: Get Your Body Fat Tested!

bodyfatchartEver wondered what your body fat percentage is (or how much lean body mass you have?) Here’s your chance to find out! The Metro FitnessWave testing truck will be back all day on Wednesday, March 30th: sign up on the Level 2 whiteboard to reserve a testing time.

Hydrostatic body fat testing is an accurate method of measuring the amount of fat and lean (fat-free) mass a person has on his or her body. Your percentage body fat is a good indicator of your overall health — better than indirect methods such as BMI that use your overall weight but don’t take into account how much of that weight is muscle.

Lean body mass can also be used to better plan your nutrition, as it allows you to calculate intake levels that support muscle but not fat (the Zone Diet, for instance, uses lean body mass in block calculations.)

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing: $80
Resting Metabolic Rate Test: $90
VO2 Sub-Max Test: $150

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