Unlimited Membership For All

15034335941_5796339768_zAfter deep consideration, we have decided to overhaul our membership plans, and transition to a world in which every one of our members can attend unlimited CrossFit classes.

There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, we want to give everyone the opportunity to attend whatever number of classes is right for them to achieve best possible results (our coaches are always happy to guide you in determining your correct CrossFit dosage!) We also want people to have more flexibility — if you miss a class one week, you’ll be able to do an extra one the next week.

Secondly, we currently spend a lot of administrative time and money upgrading / downgrading / holding / generally screwing around with people’s different membership plans. By simplifying the membership plans and offering a single unlimited CrossFit membership we will be able to devote that valuable time and money improving the gym. You would think this was a minor thing, but as it is, it sucks up many hours every single day of administrative time.

Existing Members

If you’re like us and you have already made budgets and plans into the future, don’t worry: we will allow current members to keep their existing pricing as long as they maintain their current membership (i.e. continue to pay on time and in full monthly.)

We will not be allowing any holds on these grandfathered memberships for any reason, nor will you be able to upgrade or downgrade them (other than to our new unlimited membership.)

We very much hope that all of you will choose to join us in our new unlimited universe right away! If you’re a 3x/week member currently, you can now become unlimited for just $25 extra with a 6-month contract. If you’re interested in shifting over, please e-mail [email protected] or stop by the front desk and we’ll set you up!

Current unlimited members: we are happy to shift you to a contract membership if you would like to commit to 6 months and save that $25.

We will continue to offer a class card option for those of you with challenging schedules, or multi-gym-ers. Class cards have increased in price, and we will no longer be offering 25-class cards (see below.)

Improvements You Can Look Forward To!

With our newly freed-up administrative time, we’ll be able to get these improvements done even faster!

Dedicated Front Desk Staff: we have already hired the amazing Leo to staff the front desk during our busiest evening hours. This will translate into faster resolution of any membership issue or request you may have, a consistent presence during all the classes you attend, and improved gym operations in general.

Construction: 4 bathrooms, 3 showers, a real locker room with an upgraded changing area, and a significantly nicer front desk, all slated for completion by the end of the September. The existing bathroom will be demolished shortly following that, leaving extra floor space for class!

Workout Tracking: we are planning to transition to the Wodify membership system before the end of the year (we’re just waiting for them to finish up one critical back end feature.) This system provides a super fancy way to sign into class and keep track of all your results. You will be able to compare your score online to other performances across the entire day, and easily call up your past performances on any workout.

Lighting: new lighting will be installed over the lifting platforms by the end of September, and we are trying our best to de-glare the lighting in the main space (unfortunately the diffusing lenses we installed don’t seem to have done the trick — we’re moving on to other potential solutions!)

Exterior Clean-Up: we’ll be power-washing the brick exterior of the building to make things look snazzier! Our logo will be painted onto the roll-up door by the end of September, ready for showing off during the winter months! We are also working with the city to try to get some trees planted and generally make the block a little less sketchy.

Security System: once the power washing is done, we’ll be installing security cameras and additional lighting outside the gym for maximum safety.

Bike Parking: we’re presenting our application for a bike corral right outside the gym at the local Community Board meeting on September 10th. Fingers crossed we’re approved and will soon have extensive bike parking options in a lovely bike corral complete with giant flower pots for beautification.

More Specialty Classes: we will be adding more gymnastics class options, as well as a new competition class with Ariel over the next month or two.

Pricing Adjustments

We will be adjusting pricing in concert with our membership transition. We have tried very hard to make this involve as little pain as possible for as many people as possible. If prices end up increasing for you, we hope you think it’s worth it in terms of the extra classes you’ll get, increased flexibility, improved facilities, and continued access to our unparalleled group of coaches, who amongst them have the broadest and deepest knowledge of how to access the full potential of the human body you’ll find anywhere!

Our prices remain competitive with other NYC CrossFit gyms, and this is the first time we have changed pricing since 2011 despite a large increase in our overhead in the intervening years (particularly the doubling of our rent that occurred when we moved.)

Contract Option

In an attempt to keep things as affordable as possible, we will for the first time ever be offering a contract option for memberships — the monthly unlimited price will be discounted with a 6-month contract. We have said from the very first day we opened that we don’t want people to pay for something they aren’t using. We stick by the sentiment, but have decided that we need to make a practical concession to allow us to keep membership prices lower, and to enable better financial planning (since we’ll have a much better idea of how much money will be coming in next month.) In addition, we feel that a contract option will provide an extra incentive for people to truly commit to a health and fitness journey.

Our contract cancellation policy will be relatively liberal — we will allow you to cancel your contract for any reason for the fee of the discount you received for signing it (e.g. if you use 3 months of a 6-month contract, you’ll be able to break it for $75 — the 3x$25 you saved by signing the contract.) To cancel a membership, please submit our cancellation form.

Hold Policy

Our hold policy will also change — the minimum hold period will increase to two weeks, and there will be a $20 administrative charge for holds. Holds longer than 30 days will incur a $20 charge for each month the membership remains on hold. The maximum hold period will be 3 months. To place a membership on hold, please submit our hold form.

As mentioned above, grandfathered memberships can’t be placed on hold for any reason, nor will you be able to upgrade or downgrade them (other than to our new unlimited membership.)

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes (currently Olympic Weightlifting) will incur an add-on charge of $50. Participants must meet program prerequisites to enroll (these are outlined on the Getting Started pages of our website.)

New Pricing Overview

Monthly CrossFit Memberships

Unlimited Membership (Level 1 or Level 2): $250
Unlimited Membership with 6-month contract (Level 1 or Level 2): $225
Off Peak Unlimited Membership (9am & 12:30pm class start times M-F only): $175
Off Peak Unlimited Membership with 6-month contract: $150

Monthly CrossFit Add-Ons

Add Specialty Classes (Olympic Weightlifting): $50
Not available with off-peak membership.

Drop-In Memberships

Single Drop-In Session, CrossFit: $30
Single Drop-In Session, Specialty Class: $35
10-Class Card, CrossFit: $250
10-Class Card, Specialty Class: $300

Monthly Specialty Memberships (do not include CrossFit classes)

Olympic Weightlifting / Powerlifting: $250
Olympic Weightlifting / Powerlifting with 6-month contract: $225


10% Full-Time Students (with ID and class schedule OR certificate of enrollment specifying full-time status of at least 12 credit hours)
20% LEO / Fire Fighter / Active Duty Military (with ID, and SS#/Birth Date for Military only)
5% Family Discount (if multiple members of the same family join, they each receive this discount)

Discounts can’t be combined.

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  1. Nancy September 3, 2014 at 9:01 am - Reply

    So I currently have unlimited oly plus Crossfit for an extra 50 am I already grandfathered in or once I switch to the 6 month contract I will be?

  2. goodsam September 3, 2014 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    Everyone can keep their current plan as long as they don’t allow it to lapse. You don’t have to swap to the contract.

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