The 2017 Open Virtuosity Intramural!


The CrossFit Games Open is a five-week competition that starts at the end of February! Each week, CrossFit releases a workout that athletes all over the world complete. We’ll be running an in-house competition around these workouts: every Virtuosity athlete will be assigned to a team, either the AM Avengers with fearless leader Coach Morgan, or the PM X-Men with fearless leader Coach Ariel!

Team assignments will be made based on your usual class time attendance. Lunchtime attendees might be split down the middle (depending on final numbers!) We will announce the full team rosters the week of February 13th.


Open season runs from February 23rd through March 27th.

Every THURSDAY night at 8pm during this season we’ll be gathering around the tv at the gym to watch the official announcement and workout demo. Afterwards, any intrepid athletes who would like to try it out immediately will be welcome to be among the first in the world to get it done!

Each FRIDAY of the season we will run the Open workout of the week in every class. You will have the option of completing the Rx or Scaled workout — this will not be much different than your usual class experience! However, you will be judging movement standards and counting reps for a fellow athlete. We will be practicing this in the coming weeks.

Athletes who can’t make it on Thursday night or Friday, or who want a second shot at the workout may come try it again during a special extended Open Gym each SUNDAY from 1-2:30pm.

How Will The Intramural Work?

Each week, your score on the Open workout will count towards your team’s standing for the week.  Teams will be ranked based on the average score of all team members — both scaled and Rx scores will contribute equally towards ranking.  Teams will accrue points based on their ranking (1st place gets 1 point, 2nd place 2 points etc.)  Lowest overall points after 5 weeks of competition wins!

What If I Can’t Do The Workout As Rx?

CrossFit releases both Rx and Scaled versions of each workout. You can choose to do either version, although for the purposes of Intramural scoring, any Rx score will rank higher than any scaled score. If the Scaled version is out of reach for you, we will scale the workout to your needs as we would for any workout!

What Happens If I Miss A Week?

No big deal as far as the Intramural is concerned — we will only include scores each week from athletes who complete that week’s workout (i.e. a zero score will not be included in the team average.)

How Do I Officially Participate In The CrossFit Games Open?

We’re not requiring Intramural athletes to officially register on the CrossFit Games website this year, but we encourage you to consider doing it anyway so that you can see how you stack up against other athletes of your gender and/or age in the city, state, country, and worldwide! If you’d like to do this, head over to and sign yourself up (there’s a $20 registration fee.)

What Do We Win??

The winning team will claim the intramural trophy and bragging rights for a whole year! Additional prize packages for top performers in each division will be announced soon!

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