Team Virtuosity: Your Questions Answered

Questions, questions, questions!  We’ve been getting a lot of ’em!  So here’s more information to help you plan your 2011 Games season!

What are The CrossFit Games and The CrossFit Games Open?

You’re a bit behind, aren’t you!
Learn all about The Games here: About The Games.
Learn about our local Open series of events here: 2011 CrossFit Games Open.
Learn about the team competition here: Team Competition Rules, Scoring & Prizes.
All the rules: CrossFit Games Rules

Who Should Register

If you can complete most of the CrossFit benchmark workouts (Fran, Helen, Cindy, et al.) as Rx’d, we need YOU on our team! There will be no scaling of the Open events, but we expect them to be on par with the benchmarks in terms of difficulty.  If you’re not sure whether you can/should participate, come talk to us (or e-mail us at [email protected]) and we will tell you!

How To Register

  • Verify that you can attend the 6 Saturdays of competition (3/19/11-4/23/11.)  CrossFit Virtuosity, CrossFit South Brooklyn, and CrossFit Long Island City will be combining forces to host an event each Saturday at 1pm, at which you can complete the workout and have your result appropriately validated.
  • Register at, and join yourself up to Team Virtuosity.
  • Register for our local Saturday events at nyccrossfitgamesopen.eventbrite.comThis lets us know you’re coming and allows us to assign you to a heat, have enough equipment on hand for you, etc.  This registration costs $60 which covers the cost of running six events!
  • Get your Team Virtuosity tee/tank to be ready for competition! They’re the lovely turquoise ones you’ve seen us wearing lately.  $20, available at the gym.

Make-Up Sessions

We encourage all competitors to attend our 6-week series of Saturday events to complete the workouts of the Open and have their results officially validated.
However, we understand that in some cases it may not be possible for an athlete to attend every event. Therefore, we will be running each week’s Open workout during regular class hours (12:30pm, 6pm, 7pm) on THURSDAYS.
If you need to make up a week’s workout, and are a competitive athlete who needs your result validated, PLEASE E-MAIL US IN ADVANCE to let us know which class you will be attending so that we can make sure that there will be a judge available to validate your performance at that time!  Attending a Thursday make-up session will incur our regular membership fees (i.e. it will count as a class if you are a member; drop-in fees will apply if you are not a member.)
If you absolutely can’t make Thursday OR Saturday in a given week, and are desperate to find an alternate time (this should be basically no one since, c’mon, we’re giving you a LOT of leeway already!) please e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can figure out for you.   But seriously people, try to make Saturday.  If you can’t make Saturday, make Thursday.  It’s a pretty enormous pain in the ass for us to figure out alternate times, it’ll make us grumpy, and you won’t like us when we’re grumpy.

Travel Make-Ups

Going to be away for an entire week during the Open?  You can make up a workout at pretty much any affiliate worldwide, or get someone to video you completing the workout wherever you can find to do it!  Watch these videos for more information: Traveling Athletes, Media Tips.

Scaling Workouts

No scaling can be accommodated at our Saturday events. If you are a competitor who for whatever reason can’t complete the week’s workout as Rx’d, but would still like to complete the workout scaled, please attend a Thursday session (where scaling will be allowed.)
We also encourage EVERYONE to play along at Thursday sessions!  Come try out the workouts even if you aren’t a competitor: get a taste of what it’s all about and start planning for next year!

Non-Member Participation

We welcome existing CrossFitters who are not members of CFV to  participate in our 6-week series of Saturday events, and also to drop in to Thursday make-up sessions (please see information above; $20 drop-in fee will apply.)   However as per the CrossFit Games Rules, all Team Virtuosity members must be current members of CrossFit Virtuosity.
If you are a non-member who would like to take this opportunity to begin training with Virtuosity on an ongoing basis, we do require that you follow our regular joining procedure (i.e. you will need to test out of our On Ramp program, and complete our Level 1 test out in order to attend Level 2 classes.  We assume that if you are a Games-level competitor this will be pretty easy!)  Attending classes outside our Saturday Open events will require the purchase of some type of membership.

Regionals Team Selection

The 3 men and 3 women representing us at Regionals will be chosen following the conclusion of the Open competition.
Selection will be based upon:

  • Performance in the Open
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Instruction-following prowess
  • Upstanding character and ability to represent the best of Virtuosity
  • Consideration of overall team strengths/weaknesses

Final selection will be at the complete discretion of Coach Panda.  Virtuosity membership will be required (obviously!)

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