Sunday October 9th: “WTF Is An Axle…??” Pre-Virtuosity-Games Skill Clinic

14576459071_a0a1fc2d63_kHesitating to sign up for the Virtuosity Games because you’ve never heard of an Axle Clean & Jerk, Atlas Stone Shoulder, or aren’t sure if you can synchronize pull-ups/ring rows? This is your chance to come practice all of it with Blanco and Sam here to answer all your questions!

We’ll be going over the weirdest movements, and giving you time to practice with your partner. Come hang out with us!

This will also function as a singles mixer — if you’re still looking for a partner, come find one! 😉


When: Sunday, October 9th 2016
Where: Crossfit Virtuosity
Who: Sorry, only CFV members for this one
Time: 12-2pm
Price: FREE!

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