Sunday February 5th: Prepping for the Open

The 2017 CrossFit Games season begins on February 23rd, mere weeks away!! Are you ready to take on The Open?

Coaches Ariel and Morgan will be running two Open Prep seminars to work on your competition skills and make sure you’re ready to give the Open your very best! We will focus on developing gymnastics and barbell skills that are commonly used in the Open, making you as confident and efficient as possible as an athlete.

What We’ll Cover

Session One will focus on gymnastics skills: kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, kipping toes-to-bar, kipping handstand push-ups, kipping muscle-ups, kipping bar muscle-ups, and bar-facing burpees.

Session Two will focus on barbell cycling (moving the barbell quickly and safely for multiple reps,) rowing efficiency and technique, and endurance strategy and efficiency (strategizing the workout, breathing, pacing, and calculating rest.)

Dates & Times

Session One – Sunday, February 5th, 1-3pm
Session Two – Sunday, February 19th, 1-3pm


One Session – $59
Both Sessions – $99

The Coaches

Coach Ariel and Coach Morgan know a thing or two about competing, workout strategy, and movement efficiency. Coach Morgan finished 59th in the Northeast in last year’s Open, and has participated in numerous competitions over the past few years, and Coach Ariel has dominated the Open, crushed Regionals, and made it all the way to the CrossFit Games as part of Team Virtuosity in 2014.


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