Starting Saturday January 7th: Coach Joey & Noelle’s Mobility30 Challenge!

Doing the Whole30 Challenge and want a little bit of an extra challenge? Not doing the Whole30 but still looking to make a positive change to your overall health and fitness for the New Year? Have a few nagging aches and pains, or want to protect yourself from future aches and pains? Try this!

Coach Joey and Coach Noelle challenge you to spend 30 days improving the mobility and stability of the two joints we use most frequently in CrossFit: your hips and your shoulders. The challenge commitment is simple but effective: complete 5 CARs (controlled articular rotations) in each direction on each arm and leg every single day for 30 days.

Ideally you’ll commit to both hip and shoulder CARs, but if you’re short on time and think it’s more realistic to commit to just one, that’s a step in the right direction too!

Joey and Noelle have created some handy videos to show you how to do hip and shoulder CARs — you can do this literally anywhere you can find something vertical to hold onto (Sam will award a prize at the end of the challenge to the person who posts a video in the FB Members Group of themselves doing CARs in the weirdest possible location.)

Mobility30 with Coach Joey & Coach Noelle.

Hip CARs with Coach Joey & Coach Noelle.

Shoulder CARs with Coach Joey & Coach Noelle.

Remember… go slow, maintain body tension, and enjoy the exploration of your full range of motion!

Questions? Ask Joey or Noelle, or shoot ’em to [email protected].

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