Starting Monday October 3rd: Extra Credit

extracreditAs part of our endless quest for virtuosity, we are piloting a new Extra Credit program in October. This program allows qualifying athletes to complete extra programming designed to help them become stronger, more well-rounded, and more indestructible!

The Extra Credit program is designed for the athlete who has been participating in our CrossFit Level 2, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength, or Gymnastics classes for at least 6 months, and is interested in devoting more time to developing their skill and strength levels.

Athletes enrolled in the Extra Credit program will receive supplementary programming, to be completed in addition to attending regular classes. This programming is designed to provide additional work on common issues: for instance, the CrossFit program will include gymnastics strength, barbell strength, and prehab exercises.

Extra Credit programming may be completed during any class time in the CrossFit/Gymnastics Extra Credit corner, which is designated as the very front of the gym next to the front desk, or the Barbell Extra Credit Corner, which is designated as the two leftmost platforms.

Extra Credit is a $50 add-on to your existing membership.



Athletes who successfully test into Level 3 will be eligible to participate in the Extra Credit program.

Level 3 athletes will complete 20-40 minutes of supplementary programming each day, to be completed independently following Level 2 class.

Level 4 athletes will attend Level 2 class, will continue to complete Level 3 programming, and additionally will be invited to attend our 8am Saturday Competition class.

Level 5 athletes will receive more extensive and individualized training, which will be overseen by Coach Blanco.

Olympic Weightlifting / Strength / Gymnastics

Athletes interested in participating in the Extra Credit program for these disciplines should talk directly to their coach.

How To Enroll

To enroll, first ensure you have completed the above prerequisites, and then shoot us an e-mail at [email protected], or stop by the front desk!

Ask Us Questions or Give Us Feedback!

We would VERY much appreciate any feedback you have about the Extra Credit program! This is a pilot program that we anticipate will be tweaked along the way to making it perfect.

Questions are also always welcome — please shoot either of these things over to [email protected].

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