Starting Monday March 13th: Weekday Class Schedule Changes

scheduleBeginning Monday, March 13th, we will be amending our weekday class schedule as follows:

  • 7am Olympic Weightlifting class will be cancelled Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • 8:30pm Free Intro class will be cancelled Wednesday nights
  • 8:30pm CrossFit Level 2 class will be cancelled Monday and Wednesday nights
  • 6:30pm CrossFit Level 3 class will be added on Wednesday nights

We’re making these changes after much deliberation in order to focus our effort and resources on providing you with the best possible experience for our more popular class times.

Class schedule changes are always a challenge: we are absolutely aware that this may not be optimal for everyone. We hope very much that you will work with us as we try to create the best situation for as many people as possible.

As always, we welcome your feedback: please let us know what you think! You can contact us at any time at [email protected], or speak to Sam or any of the coaches in person.

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