Saturday June 17th: Lux PT Squat Workshop

Do you struggle to get to parallel with your squat? Do you struggle to keep your knees out while squatting? Do you have pain while squatting? Do you need direction as to what you should be working on to improve your squat? Come to the Optimize Your Squat: Mobility and Movement Workshop hosted by CrossFit Virtuosity on Saturday, June 17, from 1-3 pm. Cost is $20 per athlete.

The workshop is presented by Movement Vault and Lux Physical Therapy and Performance and taught by Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS. This is more than a mobility class. At the workshop you will learn the go to mobilizations and movements we use in clinic with our athletes to increase the mobility and stability in your hips and ankles, as well as why you should be mobilizing. You will also learn about the mechanics of the squat in more detail. Increasing your mobility and stability with your squat will lead to increased performance inside and outside the gym, as well as decrease your risk for future injury. Dr. Grayson will be available after the workshop for any specific questions you may have pertaining to anything mobility, injury, or performance related.

You can find out more about Movement Vault and Lux Physical Therapy and Performance at, and Everyone is welcome! You can sign up by contacting CrossFit Virtuosity at (917) 720-6551 or Lux Physical Therapy and Performance at (920) 217-5495, or just stop by with $20 on the day! will be launching very soon! Visit our website for more details and to sign up to be notified when we launch! Movement Vault will help you increase your mobility and stability without the guess work, taking your performance to the next level! Programming by Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS.

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