Saturday July 18th: 2015 CrossFit Prom!

promCrossFit Virtuosity requests the
pleasure of your company at:


Saturday, July 18th
8:00pm until late.

Break out your cowboy hats, guys and gals, ‘cause this year we’re going COUNTRY!

It’s that magical season again: time to put on some fancy clothes (come dressed as your high school prom self!), find yourself a date*, and get ready for…

  • Killer cocktails!
  • Mechanical bull rides!
  • Classic country games!
  • Wooden swings!
  • A country-themed photo booth!
  • Hot tunes from DJ Joey (country music will be used sparingly!)
  • …and of course, a whole bunch of CrossFitters gettin’ down and dirty!

Suggested Attire

Country chic: leave your Lulus at home! Dress to the theme: if you have your high school prom dress hiding away in a closet, break it out and throw it on with some cowboy boots! Satin, ruffles, lace, and tulle are GO. Pinterest is your friend!

Gents, there’s a hot cowboy inside all of you. Let him out! Think dressed up denim with button-downs and belt buckles. Cowboy hats and/or boots if you can get ‘em. Feel free to get creative!

Guest Policy

All CrossFitters are welcome! You’re also more than welcome to invite a non-CrossFit date.

We ask that all guests RSVP to this invitation (for our planning purposes.)

*A date is absolutely not required, but we can’t resist the thought of everyone reliving all kinds of hilarious high school prom-date-finding awkwardness. So we encourage you to get out there and ask someone! Here’s some special inspiration for this year!

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