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bitchesDid you sign up for the NYC Marathon? Not sure how you are going to get to the start, let alone cross the finish line? Are you a runner already and looking to get better? Hate running, but tired of suffering around the block during WODs? Sign up for our endurance series!

Michele will be holding three running intensives over this year’s running season. Each intensive will include two weekly running sessions: Tuesday nights at 6:30PM and Thursday mornings at 6:00AM at McCarren Park. Sessions will cover running technique, interval training, and teach you how to handle volume.

This intensive is suitable for CrossFitters of all levels of both CrossFit and running experience.

Interested in a marathon-specific training plan? Please e-mail Michele directly at [email protected].

Intensive One: Tuesday May 27 – Wednesday July 9 (7 weeks)

This intensive will focus on speed work. Short intervals will get you running faster around the block and on the race course!

One session per week: $140; Two sessions per week: $280.


Intensive Two: Tuesday July 15 – Wednesday September 3 (8 weeks)

This intensive will focus on hill training. Most marathons have ’em… train for it! Otherwise, just enjoy running some of the most amazing bridges in the area!

One session per week: $160; Two sessions per week: $320.


Intensive Three: Tuesday September 9 – Wednesday October 29 (8 weeks)

This intensive will focus on pacing and marathon specifics. What is the best nutrition on the course? Should you carb load? What about tapering? Sign up to find out!

One session per week: $160; Two sessions per week: $320.


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  1. Adam Ward May 22, 2014 at 11:35 am - Reply

    ¬¬With no prior running experience, I applied for the 2013 NYC Marathon and got in. I had been doing Crossfit for about 9 months. I tried to integrate some running workouts into my CF workouts on my own and was looking at a plethora of online training programs—I had no clue what I was doing and it lead to a lot discouragement. After I connected with Michele about a training program, she asked what my goal was, and at the time it was just to finish the race. A few weeks later I started to feel more confident, and thought I just might be able to hit 4:30. As the training Michele programmed was quickly adapting me for the race, my goals adapted as well—my race day finish time was 04:05:46.

    If you’re a Crossfitter with past running experience, I think you’ll find a new, fun, and effective way of training with this program. If you don’t have a lot of running experience and it’s countdown time to your race day—just sign up.

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