News Update: Panda Released Back Into the Wild


November 1st, 2013 — New York, NY — Keith the Panda (also known as Coach Panda) has been released back into the wild after years of captivity. Keith was raised in Manhattan at CrossFit NYC and then moved to Brooklyn to CrossFit Virtuosity.  During his time at Virtuosity, Coach Panda raised many young coaches and young athletes and watched them mature.

Now after all these years, it’s time for the Panda go back into the wild and see if he can re-assimilate.  This means that you will no longer be able to see Keith the Panda at CrossFit Virtuosity.   Coach Panda will be on display every weekend coaching at CrossFit seminars across the globe.  During the week, you may spot him foraging on the streets of Brooklyn where he lives.  If you see Coach Panda, do not approach him.  Offer him treats and see if he comes to you.

Samantha Orme, zookeeper at CrossFit Virtuosity said, “This is a bittersweet experience for us.  We will miss Keith, but it’s exciting to see him going out into the world to share his Panda knowledge with CrossFitters everywhere.”

CrossFit Virtuosity will host a Panda Release Party on Thursday, November 7th, at 8pm at Spritzenhaus.  Everyone is welcome!

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