Mobility Workshop This Weekend!

Are you Hamstrung by Deadlifts? Don’t know Squat about Squatting? Is the Push Jerk over your head? Do you feel like the Firebreather inside could be unleashed if only you could just get into the right position? Or maybe you just want some relief from your aches and creaks!

Well then, it’s time to Mobilize!

Please join Coach Elasti a/k/a Elizabeth Wipff for a 2.5-hour mobility workshop this Saturday. Elasti will get you all limbered up and rolled out and turn you into supple leopard.

This afternoon intensive will cover the basics of warm-up, mobility, and stretching.

Major joints and muscle groups will be highlighted and equipment such as bands, balls, and foam rollers will be demystified. Proper use of breath will be emphasized.

Members will come away with a simple mobility program that will enhance any CrossFit workout and support faster recovery.

This class is suitable for CrossFitters of all shapes, sizes and flexibility levels.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


$45 plus $10 materials fee


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