Join Us In The Park!

Starting Monday 6/29 we’ll be moving most of our classes from Zoom to McCarren Park.

The class schedule is available at

There will be no park classes on Friday. We will no longer offer Wednesday 10am class in Grover Cleveland. This schedule will continue through July and August.

Things To Know About Park Class

  • 1. Reserve your spot with the Wodify app; reservations open 24 hours in advance and classes are capped at 8 athletes.
    2. Bring a mask: you must wear this whenever within 6 feet of anyone else but we’re ok with you removing it to work out once distanced.
    3. Bring a yoga mat if you want one for push-ups / burpees etc. (preferably a color other than black, because black gets very, very hot in the sun.)
    4. Before you leave the house: check your email to make sure class hasn’t been cancelled due to inclement weather (thunderstorms), and pee because there aren’t bathrooms at the park.
    5. Meet inside the track across from the corner of Bayard Street and Lorimer Street. We typically have a large garden cart full of weights with us that you can look out for.

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