IMPORTANT: Schedule Changes This Weekend!

THIS WEEKEND, November 21st-22nd

We’re hosting the CrossFit Running & Endurance Certification this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

Therefore, the following schedule changes will apply:

Saturday, November 21st
The workout will be a 5K run! You can do this on your own, or stop by at 11am and we’ll set you up at the track, or give you a cross-Brooklyn route to follow.

Sunday, November 22nd
Open gym will take place at the McCarren Park track (N12th and Roebling: meet at the BBC at 11am, or join at the track between 11 and 12.) We’ll be carting over equipment to make up Nancy, Michael, or any other workout that you can figure out how to do at the track (that’d be most of them unless they involve heavy lifting — there are even a limited number of pull-up bars available.)

If you ordinarily come in to lift on Sundays, SORRY, THERE WILL BE NO LIFTING AVAILABLE DURING OPEN GYM THIS WEEK!

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