Holiday Season Schedule Changes


Please note the following changes to our class schedule over the holiday season!


  • Tuesday, December 24th —
    • Normal schedule through 12:30pm class.
    • Closed beginning at 1:30pm.  There are no evening classes.
  • Wednesday, December 25th —
    • Closed all day.
  • Thursday, December 26th —
    • Level 2 classes at 10am and 11am.
    • Level 1 class at noon.
    • Lifters may lift on the platforms from 10am-noon.
    • All other classes are cancelled.
  • Friday, December 27th through Monday, December 30th —
    • 6am and 8:30pm classes, and 4:30pm Lab Hour are canceled on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.
    • Noon classes are cancelled on Saturday and Sunday.
    • All other classes will proceed as normal.

New Year’s

  • Tuesday, December 31st —
    • 6am class is canceled.
    • Normal schedule through 12:30pm class.
    • 4:30pm Lab Hour will be for lifting on the platforms only.
    • We will hold a special 4:30pm Level 2 class; 5:30pm Level 1 and Level 2 classes will proceed as normal.
    • Closed beginning at 6:30pm.
  • Wednesday, January 1st —
    • Open starting with 12:30pm Level 2 class.
    • 8:30pm classes are cancelled.
  • Thursday, January 2nd —
    • Normal class schedule resumes.


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