Get Strong.

Do you struggle with Rx weight in workouts?

Were your dreams of destroying the CrossFit Games Open frustrated by heavy cleans, overhead squats, or thrusters?

Do you wish you had more opportunities to play with badass toys like yokes, tires, atlas stones, and logs?

Are your 2015 goals littered with references to your puny strength numbers?

Are you interested in competing in powerlifting or strongman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have some good news: we’ve developed a brand new program just for you!

We’re excited to announce STRENGTH: a 90-minute specialty class devoted to developing your raw strength and power with a combination of powerlifting, strongman training, and speed and power development techniques. In short, we’ll be lifting heavy shit, and breaking out all the toys!

STRENGTH will begin Monday, May 4th and will take place every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8:30pm, and Friday from 6-7:30pm. Coach Justin and Coach Rob will be joining forces to get you awesomely strong!

STRENGTH membership is one of our standard specialty memberships: it can be combined with an existing CrossFit membership for $50 monthly, or purchased as a stand-alone membership for $250 per month.

All existing powerlifting members will be automatically enrolled in STRENGTH.

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