Friday May 20th: Yoga For CrossFitters

Join Coach Elasti as she comes out of Yoga Teacher retirement for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Crossfit is an almost perfect system. Our athletes are strong and fit like nobody else. We face challenges with fierce bravery and embrace the best fitness innovations. We eat clean, sleep well and generally radiate health and fitness. And yet, there are still some corners that CrossFit just can’t get to.

Yoga for Crossfitters is tailor made to fill in those corners.

This uniquely crafted class will start with a deep dive into core, breath and diaphragm work. Then we will address thoroughly the shoulder & hip mobility and flexibility issues that challenge good position in movements like the squat, snatch, deadlift, and press and make us susceptible to injury. The class wraps up with techniques for down-regulating the nervous system and resting deeply.

Leave feeling balanced, refreshed, and repaired: ready to CRUSH your next WOD.


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