Friday August 12th: Lux PT Hip Mobility and Movement Workshop

hipsDr. Grayson Wickham of Lux Physical Therapy and Performance will be running a Hip Mobility and Movement Workshop, focusing on getting your hips moving the way they should be moving! Are your hips moving optimally? Come to find out! What causes suboptimal hip mobility and stability? Come to find out! How can you increase your performance and decrease your injury risk by working on your hip mobility? Come to find out!

At the workshop you will learn how and why you should be working on the mobility and stability components of your hips. You will learn mobilizations and movements that you can add into your practice that will help facilitate better movement, while decreasing injury risk.

The workshop is taught by Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS and is hosted by CrossFit Virtuosity on Friday, August 12 @ 7:30 pm-9:30 pm. Cost is $20 per person and is open to everyone!

Please bring a yoga mat and lacrosse ball if you own one. You can contact Lux Physical Therapy and Performance at 920-217-5495 or [email protected] and find out more information at


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