First Annual Brooklyn Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Meet

olyThe Brooklyn Barbell Club, in partnership with CrossFit Virtuosity, is proud to announce its first annual Olympic Weightlifting Meet!

This meet is designed to be accessible to the relatively novice weightlifter: singlets will not be required, and we will have experienced weightlifters on hand to provide advice on warming up, judging standards, lift attempts, etc. While this is not a USAW sanctioned event, we will be running it in a very similar fashion, and will in general be employing strict USAW standards.

The meet is open to both members and non-members. We will run 4 sessions, regardless of weight class: lady’s snatch, lady’s clean and jerk, men’s snatch, men’s clean and jerk. There will be a short break between each session.

The event marks the end of our inaugural Brooklyn Barbell Club Youth Athletic Camp, and meet proceeds will benefit our Steve’s Club NYC program.

At the beginning of the meet, our young camp attendees will have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned over the course of the week. We will be cutting them a little slack on USAW standards — power snatch, power clean and push press, or another combination will be allowed during this youth portion of the meet. Adult meet participants are encouraged to cheer our young lifters on! This portion of the meet will occupy approximately the first hour.

This is YOUR chance to lift alongside BBC team members, Games athletes, and the rest of the CFV/BBC community! Sign-up now as entry will be capped at 50 total participants!


Date: Saturday, August 23rd
Time: 11am – 4pm
Price: $20 for members; $30 for non-members (all proceeds benefit Steve’s Club NYC)


Meet Rules

  • Each athlete will have 3 attempts to perform a max weight snatch and 3 attempts to perform a max weight clean and jerk
  • Within each session, the order of lifters will be determined by bar weight: the higher the weight, the later you lift
  • Once called up to the platform, the athlete has 1 minute to initiate the lift
  • If the lift is made, the athlete must immediately report their next attempt to the judges table
  • If the lift is missed, the athlete must immediately inform the judges if he/she would like to repeat the same weight or move up in weight (the athlete may not go down in weight.)
  • If at any time a lifter follows himself (i.e. Jimmy would like to repeat a missed a 60kg snatch and no one else is lifting 60kg), the athlete will have 2 minutes between lifts
  • Lifters can make a weight change up to 2 times per attempt (after their declared opener.) For example, Jimmy’s 3rd snatch attempt is currently listed at 70kg. Johnny just hit a 70kg snatch and is now in the lead. Instead of going for a tie with Johnny, Jimmy can change his weight to 71kg and go for the win.
  • No part of the body can touch the platform other than the feet
  • For the snatch, the bar must be lifted from the floor to overhead in one clean motion
  • For the clean, the elbows must not touch the knees
  • For the snatch and the jerk, the bar cannot be pressed out (bar must be locked out immediately with a straight arm)
  • Singlets are not required, but are definitely encouraged!

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