COVID-19 Update: We’re Temporarily Closed

UPDATE March 16th: It’s happened even faster than we anticipated: the governor has shut down gyms effective 8pm tonight. We will therefore be running our final class (for now) tonight at 6:30pm.  We will be reaching out again later today with more information about participating in at home workouts.

Thank you all so much for your messages of support, we really appreciate having such an amazing community around us!! We hope that we can keep you guys working out and healthy through all of this and see you in person at the gym again as soon as we can.

Dear CFV Community,

An update on our COVID-19 response plan. We are very concerned about the developing situation, and have considered all options including a temporary closure. We believe that the gym is an important sanctuary for stress relief during these trying times, but also know that social distancing is extremely important to keep ourselves and vulnerable populations safe.

While closure is still on the table, we have decided to keep the gym open for now. We will re-evaluate regularly as the situation develops. We will be implementing additional measures to maximize athlete distancing and minimize transmission risk.

The big stuff, beginning immediately —

  • CLASS CAP OF 11. You will need to reserve a spot in class via the Wodify app (under CrossFit All Levels – see below); reservations will open 24 hours prior to class. Each athlete will have a dedicated workout area and equipment. We don’t anticipate many classes running over 11 people, but please let us know if you’re having trouble finding a class to take; we will consider adding additional classes if the cap becomes burdensome.
  • ALL CROSSFIT CLASSES ARE ALL LEVELS. In order to ensure that we maintain good distancing, we will run one class at a time only. Hence L1 and L2 will be combined. Level 1 athletes may attend any class.
  • THE PLATFORMS for Strength and Olympic Weightlifting will be limited to 10 people – 1 person per platform, no shared barbells.
  • AT HOME WORKOUTS will be published on Wodify and on the website that you can do with minimal equipment in your living room. We completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable attending the gym in person at this time. We are in the process of getting video guides (warm-ups, movement demos, etc.) up and running for these workouts: we will update you with where to find those soon.
  • MASTERS CLASS will be suspended indefinitely.

Additionally, we will be eliminating —

  • TEAM WORKOUTS that require shared equipment
  • POROUS EQUIPMENT. We won’t be using ropes, sandbags, etc. for now.
  • CHALK BUCKETS. We’ll provide a ziploc bag for you to keep your own piece of chalk in – please write your name on it and reuse it!!
  • FANS. Although information is varied on this, we think the stiff breeze could potentially spread viral droplets
  • TOUCHING. Please hold in your high fives and hugs :/ Coaches will also not provide any hands-on cuing.
  • WODIFY KIOSKS. Please download the Wodify app so you can sign in to class and record your results on your phone!
  • SWEAT POOLS. Please bring your own small towel to wipe your brow if you’re prone to particular sweatiness.  Although sweat doesn’t transmit COVID-19, we feel that it’s best in general to avoid pools of liquid accumulating.

Previous measures will of course continue! As a reminder —

  • WASH YOUR HANDS when you arrive and before you leave.
  • WIPE DOWN EVERYTHING after use, including pull-up bars, barbells, anything you touch (think of the little things like rower buttons and bands!)
  • WIPE OFF YOUR PHONE. While you’re here, and because we’d like you to use it to enter things into Wodify.
  • DON’T ATTEND IF YOU FEEL UNWELL. At all, seriously. Take it the extra mile and take your temperature before you leave home!

On a financial note: this is a difficult time for us, and certainly also for many of you. Should you need to place your membership on hold, or cancel it, I completely understand. However, if it’s at all possible for you to do so, I hope that you’ll consider maintaining your membership. I am investigating all available small business aid, but this is certainly going to be an extremely tough period for the gym and the coaches financially.  I very much hope that we’re able to make it out the other side, and truly appreciate any support you’re able to give us.

Thanks, and stay well!

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