Construction Update

5661568631_ffb3c7e5f2_zGood news: ground floor construction is nearing completion, and we will be opening the new bathrooms and changing rooms next Friday, November 14th!! Showers are progressing nicely and will follow in mid-December.

A few less-nice things will be happening over the next week to make this happen, so we ask for your patience during the following:

  • The current Bathroom Of Doom will be demolished this weekend! This will leave us briefly bathroom-less while the floors are being finished in the new bathrooms. We will have a portapotty available during this time, but if possible do it family-car-trip style and pee before you leave home (or run next door and use the facilities at Renzo Gracie!)
  • We will be painting everything over the weekend, and we’d love your help!  Please stop by any time for any length of time — we will have tons of rollers, brushes, and beer (!) on hand to get it done!
  • Shiny new floors are being poured in the entire front desk / changing / shower / bathroom area Tuesday-Thursday next week — the entire area will be off limits during that time (we will use the roll-up as entrance/exit.)  There may be a slight odor associated with this.

We are SUPER EXCITED to be wrapping up construction and bringing you sweet new facilities!  We will be tinkering with things over the next few months, but major construction will be complete very soon!

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