CFV Hiking!

11146203_10153045955201773_1816983221410779119_nBecause it’s getting warmer out but sometimes you get sick of the smell of hot garbage..

We’re planning a trip to Harriman State Park for Sunday May 3rd!

Grill/ Picnic

We’re planning on meeting at the gym at 8:30am, leave by 9, spend the day up there and then aiming to be back in Brooklyn by 4:30pm.

It’s about 1 hour and 20 minute drive. We need people to drive, so if you have a car and want to help our your friends please comment on the Facebook invite and let us know how many seats you have!

All classes will be cancelled that day to allow the coaches to come along for fun! We hope you all can make it! If you can’t, we encourage you to go outside for a run!

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