Bring A Friend, Get A Free Class!

friendsDo you know someone you think would love CrossFit? Be a superfriend, bring them to Free Intro Wednesday nights at 7:30pm or Saturdays at noon, and we’ll let you take Level 2 class at those times for free!*

You’re also welcome to attend Free Intro Class yourself if you like to keep your friends close (or if you want to make sure they feel super comfy!)

To receive your free class, please stop by the front desk and introduce the intern on duty to your friend. They will manually sign you into class (don’t sign in on the iPad.) All friends should still pre-register for Free Intro class via the CrossFit Virtuosity membership system.

* Practically speaking, members with 2x/week or 3x/week membership will get an extra class that week, members with a class card will get an extra class on their class card, and unlimited members will get an extra day of membership. This offer runs through 9/1/2014!

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