A New Way To Get Started!

We’re changing up the way athletes get started at CFV: starting December 1st, we’re loosening the reins a bit and removing the On Ramp requirement for new athletes.

Our goal with this change is to make it easier to get started: athletes will no longer have to work On Ramp into their busy schedules, nor pay extra for make-up sessions for missed classes.

Additionally, we are transitioning All Levels classes into Level 2 classes, and making them more advanced and challenging for our experienced athletes!

New folks will be able to jump in to any of our Level 1 classes. These classes are just like our regular CrossFit classes, but are designed to be accessible to all levels of athlete.

Athletes may graduate to Level 2 classes by attending a Saturday test out class, during which they must demonstrate that they have a perfunctory knowledge of and can safely perform our most commonly used movements.

There is no minimum attendance requirement in Level 1 classes before an athlete may attempt the test out class. However we believe that it will typically take a new student 3-5 weeks of attendance 3 times per week in Level 1 classes to pick up the skills necessary to test into Level 2.

Current On Ramp members will be transitioned into Level 1 classes.

Current members who have graduated from our On Ramp program will automatically be assigned Level 2 status.

Other experienced CrossFitters, either transferring from another box or returning after time away, may either jump right into a test out class, or spend a few weeks in Level 1 classes to get back up to speed prior to testing out.

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