2013 Subway Series Event 3!

The 2013 Subway Series continues Saturday, August 17th at CrossFit South Brooklyn!

The Workout


Run 1 mile

In the remainder of 15 minutes, complete as many reps as possible of:

  • 30 wall ball shots
    • 20#/10′ (men Rx)
    • 14#/9′ (women Rx)
    • 14#/10′ (men scaled)
    • 10#/9′ (women scaled)
  • 30 box jumps
    • 24″ (men Rx)
    • 20″ (women Rx)
    • 20″ (men scaled)
    • 16″ (women scaled)

Scoring and Tie Breaks

Score will be based on (in this order):

  • Total reps completed
  • Time at which athlete finished their mile run — this will be recorded for tiebreaks (lowest time wins.) For scoring purposes we will record this as time remaining of the 15 minute cap — the more time remaining, the higher the athlete’s score.


Athlete A completes their mile run at 6:25 and then completes 1 rounds and 15 wall balls of the AMRAP. There are 515 seconds remaining in 15 minutes, therefore her score is 75.515.

Athlete B and athlete C both complete exactly 2 rounds of the AMRAP. Athlete B finished their mile in 9:00. Athlete C finishes in 8:59. Athlete B has a score of 120.360; Athlete C has a score of 120.361.

Athlete C will place first, B second, and A third.

Movement Standards

Wall Ball

  • Athletes must begin standing upright holding the ball (no picking up the ball in a squat and starting from there.)
  • Athletes must break parallel in their squat
  • Ball must fully clear the relevant line.

Box Jump

  • These will be 2013 Open-style box jumps — you must stop on the top of the box and demonstrate control before you jump or step down (no rebounding off the top of the box.)
  • You may rebound off the ground, jump off then jump back on, or step off and jump on.
  • Step-ups will not be permitted.

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