We Hear You

Last month, we asked a whole bunch of you to give us feedback on what’s great (and not so great!) about CFV. We wanted to follow up on what we heard and let you guys know what we’re doing to address some of this stuff!

We’re not going to talk about every single response we got right here, right now, but rest assured that we have heard all of your feedback, very much appreciate your insight, and are working hard to make as many of you as possible as happy as possible!

Things We’re Addressing Right Now

Coach attention.

We’re assigning an assistant coach to all evening classes, and as many morning and daytime classes as possible to make sure you’re getting as much attention as possible.

Class size.

We are very aware that the evening classes have become somewhat crowded, and are proactively working to change that.

Our first move has been to add more classes. We’ve already added some 8:30pm All Levels sessions. Starting in April, we’ll be expanding our 8:30pm schedule to include Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. We’ll also be adding a 9am Tuesday and Thursday All Levels session in an attempt to take some of the heat off the evening classes. If you are able to come to morning or lunchtime classes, please do that — guess what, they’re less crowded!

In addition to all of that, we’re scaling back our evening On Ramp offerings in an attempt to reach a stable, reasonable evening class size that will allow us to continue to provide you with the highest quality of training we possibly can. We actually think it’s better business to turn some people away but provide a better service to our existing, beloved members than to pack ’em in. Crazy, right?

More Weekend Classes.

We’ll be adding a second Sunday class (11am) starting in April as well! Open Gym will be scaled back to noon-1pm.

Class Structure.

A number of you mentioned enjoying the “strength + metcon” type of class structure. Some of you mentioned that you’d like to do more mobility and stretching. Unfortunately we can’t do everything in an hour! We are currently experimenting with a return to strength + metcon for some classes. Sometimes that’ll mean you have to take post-workout stretching into your own hands! We will continue to strive for some sort of balance.

We’re also planning a new series of weekend intensives that will teach you how to take the initiative with strength, mobility, and other such awesome activities, and get some of that stuff on your own when class time runs out!

Things We’re Not Addressing, And Why.


Yes, yes, we know, indoor showers would be so awesome. Unfortunately given our relatively short lease duration (27 more months — no need to panic yet!) it doesn’t currently make sense for us to pour a whole bunch of money into a shower project. Rest assured though, it’s on our list of things that we will definitely do in our next home.

Publish WODs earlier.

It’s our fairly strongly held belief that you don’t need to know. If you know, you just won’t come when it’s something you don’t-like-slash-aren’t-good-at, and then you’ll never get better at it. Stick to a schedule. Ignore the WOD. Get better.

Keith should shave his legs. Sam should get a mullet.

Sam strongly suspects that Keith did shave his legs during his flowing locks period. And everyone knows at some point after a buzz cut, a mullet is inevitable.

So we’ve been there, we’ve tried it, and we think everyone can agree it’s for the best that we’ve moved on!

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  1. Bitches! March 6, 2012 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    That “mullet” is questionable at best…

  2. Davi March 10, 2012 at 10:53 am - Reply

    That’s not a mullet!

  3. Jake March 18, 2012 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    Oh my god, the way back pictures make me uncomfortable in ways I can’t even describe.

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