Late Bloomers

I just read an article by Malcolm Gladwell called Late Bloomers.

Gladwell makes an interesting point that society often sees the young prodigy as the gifted genius. However, as Gladwell points out, there are many cases of late bloomers that shine far brighter as they get older. As I approach thirty-eight I am especially interested in late bloomers. I myself am in the best shape of my life and still improving. I have witnessed many clients that have come to me and have little to no athletic background. People that were picked last to play on a team, people that were chubby as kids, people that were shy and awkward come to Crossfit and achieve extraordinary levels of fitness especially considering they are what many would consider past their prime.

Picasso was considered a prodigy.

This shows that society’s idea of youth and vigor might be wrong. Instead of the notion that after age thirty or forty we start to decline, Crossfit has shown that many of us are just getting started. I have witnessed women start Crossfit after having three kids and achieve better fitness and better bodies than they had before their first child was even conceived. I have witnessed men that looked their age transform into younger, more handsome and more virile versions of themselves.

Cezanne was considered a late bloomer.

Gladwell also points out that these late bloomers are different from prodigies in that late bloomers often have support. While a young prodigy is immediately recognized and showered with fortune, a late bloomer has to undergo many years of “fermentation.” These late bloomers must have a strong support team to get them through those formative years. That is another the great thing about Crossfit: Crossfit is a support center for the late bloomer. Yes Crossfit immediately recognizes and rewards the prodigies. However, Crossfit takes equal pride in the blossoming of an older athlete. Joining the Crossfit community is joining a support group that will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Just read some of the testimonials if you don’t believe me. Nothing is impossible.

Are you a late bloomer or a prodigy?
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