CrossFit Programming Overview: October – December 2021

During this cycle, we will spend two days each week (Tuesday/Thursday) focusing on developing explosive strength and technique for the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk), preparing to test our max lifts at the end of the cycle. Our first 4-week burdening phase will aim to build strength capacity with heavy complex work combined with either strength-building accessory movements, or conditioning using the same lift for higher reps under lighter load to develop muscular endurance. Our second 4-week phase will refine technique at sub-maximal weight.

We will reserve an additional day (usually Wednesday) during this cycle to work specifically on gymnastics skill and strength. This could take the form of a longer skill practice day, or a gymnastics-heavy conditioning workout.

Remaining days will be classic CrossFit mixed modality workouts, including our “Ladies Night” workout Fridays (when we complete a classic CrossFit “girl” workout like “Fran”, “Cindy”, “Jackie”, etc.), “Hero” workout Saturdays, and “Social Sunday” partner/team workouts.

We’ll be trying to head out to the park two days per week during this beautiful fall workout weather, long may it last (but this will probably only be into early November while it stays warm enough for 6am class not to freeze!) This will be weather-dependent each week, but we will generally be in the park two days out of Monday/Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday. 

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