Alter Egos: Randa Eid

@spensermestel finds out a few things about @rarara333 for our documentary series ALTER EGOS: the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants!

🏋️‍♀️ GYM LIFE
:: Usually Attends: 9:00am or noon.
:: Started CrossFit: In 2013, at the old CFV location on North 8th.
:: Years of CrossFit: 6.
:: Origin Story: Every morning when she was working at Al Jazeera, Randa would run the five miles (!) from her place in Williamsburg to Midtown and pass by CFV. Eventually, she decided she needed to change her routine and took the on-ramp course with coach emeritus Joey.
:: Gym Superpowers: Wall balls
:: Gym Kryptonite: Box jumps. Historically, Randa has settled for the 12” box, but not anymore. “I’m trying to excel,” she says. “And I gotta get my mind right, or I’ll never change.” If you see her reaching for the 20” box, give her a high-five.
:: Favorite DJ: Coach Noelle, though she’ll settle for anyone playing dance music.
:: Loves Most about CFV: The energy of the community, the badass coaches and the workouts that leave me a sweaty fulfilled mess. She also loves that Coach Noelle knows the real pronunciation of her name, which is “Renda.”

:: Occupation: TV / Film producer
:: Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia (and her dad is from Alexandria, Egypt).
:: Years in NYC: 15.
:: Origin Story: After a few months working in Al-Jazeera’s D.C. office, the company promoted Randa and moved her to NYC.
:: Real Life Superpowers: The silver screen! A feature film Randa produced, “Before the Storm,” is almost ready to debut in a theater near you. If you want to be part of the magic, you can donate to the final round of production here:
:: Real Life Kryptonite: Resisting the pressure of NYC. When she first moved here, Randa felt like she had to be the perfect friend / daughter / employee. After she quit her job at Al-Jazeera, she started learning how to better prioritize, and her radical act of defiance was telling people she was “just hanging out” when they asked what she did for work.
:: You’ll Be Surprised To Know: She would never describe herself this way, but Randa is an ethereal synth pop goddess. Her band, @wearelunafox, combines dancing, visual art, sick beats, and haunting vocals. Next time you run into her, demand that she book her next show.

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  1. Veta September 26, 2019 at 10:54 am - Reply

    Randa! While I am totally awed by all your other real-life action, I can totally believe that you have those forces at work within you and wish you tons of success… what I can’t believe is that you’ve been letting me say your name wrong for six years!!! It will never happen again. – V

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