Alter Egos: Paul Bode

@spensermestel finds out a few things about @bodemon for our documentary series ALTER EGOS: the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants!

:: Usually Attends: 12:30pm.
:: Started CrossFit: At CFV.
:: Years of CrossFit: 2.
:: Origin Story: A friend did CF at Union Square and brought him to a class. He liked it, so he searched on Yelp for gyms near Greenpoint. What sold him were all the reviews saying CFV is an accepting, non-judgmental place.
:: Gym Superpowers: Rowing and the Whole 30 Challenge (Paul got 3rd in his last one).
:: Fitness Background: Up until he was 40, he’d done “nothing, unless you count swing dancing during the 90s, which involved a lot of cigarettes and martinis.”
:: Gym Kryptonite: Double-unders.
:: Favorite DJ: DJ Sam.
:: Loves Most about CFV: Paul fell in love with CFV a few weeks in, when he told coach emeritus Emily that he was going to Atlanta to film for “The Secret Life of Henrietta Lacks.” She sat down with him for 45 minutes, and together they found a gym down south with a suitable on-ramping program.

:: Occupation: Camera operator for shows like “The Defenders” and “Punisher.” Check out his reel here!
:: Hometown: Greenwich Village.
:: Years in NYC: Paul moved to LA when he was 21 and returned to The City five years ago.
:: Origin Story: Work was slowing down in LA, and he wanted to live closer to his brother, so he came home.
:: Real Life Superpowers: Helping other people, like when Paul teamed up with fellow-nooner, Tom Hunt, to film a fake cigarette ad.
:: Real Life Kryptonite: Exercising outside of CFV (but why would you ever?)
:: You’ll Be Surprised To Know: In the mid-90s, Paul appeared on – and won – an episode of The Dating Game. However, he and the lucky contestant never hit it off, but everything worked out in the end because Paul is recently married and expecting his first child!

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