Alter Egos: Derek Godwin

Our finest investigative reporter uncovers the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants for our documentary series ALTER EGOS. For our third installment @spensermestel finds out a few things about @dergod!

:: Usually Attends: Movement (6-7:30pm on T, W, Th) and 6:30pm CrossFit L2.
:: Started CrossFit: At CrossFit Virtuosity in January, 2014.
:: Years of CrossFit: 3.
:: Origin Story: Derek and Inna, his wife and fellow CFV member, heard about CrossFit from their friends and stopped by. They were hooked after an intro class with Coach Joey.
:: Gym Superpowers: Kipping ring muscle-ups and anything core. Partly thanks to CFV’s core and strength work, Derek didn’t have to see a physical therapist once last year, the first year since he injured his back playing soccer in England.
:: Gym Kryptonite: Single-arm chin-ups and forward rolls.
:: Favorite Workout Music: DJ Kyle’s “sexy selections during spinal waves.”
:: Loves Most about CFV: What he loved when he played elite soccer in England – the community and the sense of competition.

:: Occupation: DJ – check him out every Friday night at Central Bar in the East Village.
:: Hometown: Mtarfa, Malta.
:: Years in NYC: 3.
:: Origin Story: Derek moved to New York City from the UK in 2003.
:: Real Life Superpowers: Cutting a rug – before starting CrossFit, Derek’s primary form of exercise was dancing for upwards of twelve hours at a time.
:: Real Life Kryptonite: Wanderlust (see below).
:: You’ll Be Surprised To Know: Derek was born in Malta, lived in England from the age of 3 until 18, worked for a year on a kibbutz in Israel, moved to New York, left to travel the world solo, settled in New Zealand for two years and starting DJing, and then visited Southeast Asia before landing in Williamsburg.

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