2011 Northeast Regional Recap

The 2011 competition season was the longest one to date. The Open Sectionals started in March and for 7 weeks we competed on workouts to determine which individuals and teams would advance to the Regional competition. Due to the extremely strong women in our gym and the help of some strong men, our gym placed 17th in the region and qualified for the team competition. Good Sam and Phaidra Knight placed among the top sixty women in the region and thus earned spots as individual competitors. With two individual competitors, a team of three women and three men plus two alternates we had ten athletes in tow as we went to the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts this past weekend. Add several loving and devoted friends to come and cheer and the stage was set for a good time.
The workouts were predetermined and we knew our strengths and weaknesses in each event. We trained hard and prepared and now all that was left to do was wait for the stopwatch to start and for the fun to begin. Coach Panda, Anakin, Dash and Aeon performed the first workout which started of with each teammate rowing 750 meters. This was a definite strength of ours since we practiced a lot of rowing and our technique was solid. Moving from the rower to the handstand push-ups highlighted the fact that we need to spend more time doing handstand push-ups. We were one of the slower teams to accumulate 50 handstand pushups and thus had to row all out at the end to try to make up lost time. In the end we finished the workout faster than we had ever done it in practice and were very satisfied.
The second workout was a test of strength which played to our favor. Eleet, Taxi, Phaidra and Good Sam moved up the ladder with ease. Phaidra ended up winning the event among the individual women with a 165lb Thruster. Eleet and Taxi combined to put up 365lbs.
Despite the bad weather, Day 1 was a success and we were excited for Day 2.
The sun came out for Day 2 and so did the guns. Taxi and Eleet sported their tattered shirts that could barely contain their rippling muscles as they plowed through the deadlift/box jump workout. Good Sam and Phaidra had no problem with that workout either and flew through it as if the bar was a pvc pipe.
The fourth workout, known as the “hundreds” workout, was daunting. Many of the teams in the first heat were unable to finish the workout under the time cap. The judges were extremely strict regarding the standards and many reps were taken away. The pullup bars were hot and angry and had an appetite for skin and blood. The team chipped away at the 250 chest to bar pull-ups in small quick sets and moved quickly to the kettlebell swings. This was where a lot of teams lost time due to missed reps, but the team was well rehearsed and very few of their reps were taken away. The team moved to the double unders where they were extremely fast and confident. Then it was just a matter of accumulating 250 overhead squats which was done with perfect form and only few reps discounted. Many teams and individuals did not even finish the workout due to the tough judging standards and the heat and the plain terrible nature of the workout. So kudos to the team for pushing through the pain and finishing the workout.
The only one to make it to Sunday was Phaidra. Unfortunately, the first workout Sunday was “Amanda” that started with muscle-ups, a skill she doesn’t have yet. So that left Phaidra in 10th place after a disappointing showing on Amanda. The team finished in 18th place. If you go to the Games site, you can see Phaidra popping up in all the highlight videos. If you look closely too, you might see some other familiar faces some of the videos too. On behalf of the team, we have to thank everyone at the gym for creating such a wonderful and supportive community and making training at Virtuosity fun.

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  1. George June 26, 2011 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the recap. Great job by the competitors and all those involved. You make all of us at CFV very proud!! Rock on!!!

  2. Bitches! June 29, 2011 at 11:04 am - Reply

    I’m so proud of CFV!!! Way to be great guys!

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