What Is Babies & Burpees

Our postpartum fitness class for new moms (and partners) focuses on pelvic floor and core strength, building the all-around strength you need to care for your new baby, building up conditioning, and connecting with other parents.

For new moms, this is a time to rehabilitate, rebuild strength, and gently and safely return to exercise.

The hourlong class is suitable for any new or expecting parent who has been cleared by their doctor for exercise, with or without prior CrossFit experience. Our coaches will customize the workout for your current fitness level.

We also welcome expectant moms: building strength and maintaining fitness during pregnancy can help ease labor and delivery, decrease weight gain, accelerate postpartum recovery, increase immune function, and improve energy levels.

We provide childcare for pre-crawling / pre-walking babies! Babies hang out in a safe area in the same space and within sight of you while you exercise. You’re always welcome to go check in / soothe / feed / change a diaper, but our babysitter is there to make sure you have the opportunity to devote the hour to your fitness.

Class Schedule

Our postpartum class meets Mondays and Thursdays from 11am-noon starting December 2nd 2019.

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Try A Free Session!

Not sure whether this is for you?  We’d love to set up an appointment for you to come in, meet us, ask us any questions you might have, tour our facility, and either observe a class, or jump right in!

    Membership Options


    $ 35

    $35 per class
    • One-off class

    10-Class Card

    $ 300

    $30 per class
    • 10 Sessions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon can I start postpartum?

    You’re welcome to come to class from two weeks postpartum. From two to six weeks postpartum you will be limited to breathing exercises, basic, very gentle core work, and very light exercise (e.g. walking with a baby or baby-sized weight.) You must have clearance from your doctor to participate.

    What should I bring to class?

    Yourself, dressed in stretchy athletic apparel.  If you’re bringing a baby, bring changing supplies, nursing or bottle supplies, and a blanket for your baby to lie on.  We suggest bringing your baby in a stroller so that they can be comfortable and easily wheeled around the gym during class.

    I have an older baby... can I still take this class?

    Yes! This class is for any mom, no matter how old your baby (even if they’re no longer a baby.) It can take a long time for your body to fully recover from pregnancy and birth, and being a mom is so all-encompassing that fitness often falls by the wayside especially in the early years.  Whenever you’re ready to get back to it, the work that we do in this class will help you build back up your strength and conditioning.

    The only catch to this is that we don’t offer babysitting for babies who have started crawling or walking. Older babies and children will need alternative childcare arrangements.