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Alter Egos: Rose Reid

Our finest investigative reporter uncovers the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants for our documentary series ALTER EGOS. For this installment @spensermestel finds out a few things about @rosereid!

:: Usually Attends: an eclectic mix of Level 2 classes and (prematurely) Masters classes.
:: Started CrossFit: At CFV.
:: Years of CrossFit: 3-ish.
:: Origin Story: She did her Level 1 training with Blanco and Joey, who “forced her to graduate” after five months.
:: Gym Superpowers: Talking (and workouts with running and kettlebells).
:: Gym Kryptonite: Showing up.
:: Favorite Workout Music: DJ Blanco, especially the Ke$ha radio station he plays on weekends.
:: Loves Most about CFV: The yummy aesthetics: “During workouts, I like to look at everyone’s sexy body, so when I’m 80 years old and in a retirement home I can close my eyes and remember them.”

…keep reading for Rose’s real life identity!

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